Vegan Starbucks Options


I love Starbucks. I don’t care if it’s $5 a cup. Give me a frapp with soy milk, no whip, in a reusable cup, and I’m a happy girl. My new personal favorite is a vanilla bean frap with raspberry, soy and no whip of course!
I came across this list of Starbucks ingredients to use as a guide for finding a delicious vegan treat. I found this posted on I have heard that even the light frapp base is now vegan and no longer dairy based.  

Regular/Coffee Frapp base (also gluten-free)
Creme Frapp base (also gluten-free)
Mocha Sauce
Strawberry Sauce
Vanilla Bean Powder
Matcha Powder (green tea)
Most other syrups including the caramel SYRUP

Not Vegan
Light Frapp base (not gluten-free)(dairy)
Chocolate Chips (dairy)
White Mocha (dairy)
Caramel SAUCE (dairy)
Cream Syrup (dairy)
Chai Concentrate (honey)
Java Chips (dairy)
Whipped Cream (dairy)
Most of the seasonal flavors and “sauces” (dairy)

Hope this helps. Enjoy!

About daniellahunt

I'm an 18 year old animal rights and environmental activist studying at Indiana University.
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